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Collaboration over Competition with Georgie Cooke

March 03, 2023 Caleb Foster, Paul Westlake, Jonathan Cooper, Georgie Cooke Season 1 Episode 13
I Love it Here
Collaboration over Competition with Georgie Cooke
Show Notes

Collaboration over Competition: Shifting the mindset to create a stronger business   

In this episode, the team chat about the importance of connecting with people professionally, creating synergy and forging genuine relationships based on trust through meaningful collaboration. As well as the sentiment behind the change of season and the fresh start this can give us to think differently this year. 

We explore how being deliberate with those who share the same values and approaches allows us to thrive in business. Connecting with those who are in a similar professional position as you, sharing solutions to professional struggles and challenges. The team chat about pushing themselves out of their comfort zone by learning new skills and collaborating with other professionals to strengthen their own skill set. 

We talk about the importance of being open to these relationships and how to create meaningful connections. How to identify what tools and expertise we have as a business, and then how these can benefit other people. How to look inwardly first and think about what can we bring to these relationships rather than what we can get out of it. 

This month we're joined by Georgie Cooke from Lima Delta. Lima Delta are a digital learning company that help L&D teams level up their digital learning through amazing design solutions.

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