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Finding Purpose and Partnerships: Keys to Success in the New Year

February 03, 2023 Caleb Foster, Paul Westlake, Jonathan Cooper Season 1 Episode 12
I Love it Here
Finding Purpose and Partnerships: Keys to Success in the New Year
Show Notes

Are you feeling optimistic about the new year? In our latest podcast episode, we discuss our observations on the current business environment, the importance of purpose and partnerships, and how to achieve success in the current climate.

Despite media reports of a cost of living crisis and a potential recession, we share our positive experiences of businesses having money to invest in the right places and the opportunities available for those who partner with the right organizations. We also note a shift in mindset towards seeking partnerships rather than competing with other companies.

We believe that purpose and partnerships are important factors in achieving success in the current business environment. Jonathan adds that he has been working with groups of people who have a strong sense of purpose, which he believes is crucial for success. Overall, we are optimistic about the opportunities available and encourage businesses to push their foot down on the accelerator rather than being risk-averse.

We also discuss the importance of transparency, authenticity, and flexibility in partnerships. Circumstances are too dynamic to stick to a rigid action plan, and it's essential to be able to adapt to changes. We also share our experiences of working with partners who share similar values and outlooks, and how it's crucial to have a gut instinct and connection with potential partners.

We wrap up the episode by sharing our gratitudes and recommendations for the month. We discuss the importance of finding purpose and passion in one's work and recommend some great TV shows, films, and technical tips.

Our gratitudes then revolve around tv:
Severance: https://tv.apple.com/gb/show/severance/umc.cmc.1srk2goyh2q2zdxcx605w8vtx
Maternal: https://www.itv.com/watch/maternal/10a0158/10a0158a0006
All quiet on the western front: https://www.netflix.com/title/81260280

Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/explore

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