I Love it Here

Go and explore and experience things with Shane Traill

November 08, 2022 Caleb Foster, Paul Westlake, Jonathan Cooper Season 1 Episode 10
I Love it Here
Go and explore and experience things with Shane Traill
Show Notes

Shain Traill, Director at FirstMedia joins us on the I love it here podcast.

Shane is a Director at FirstMedia, a digital learning agency and is searching for his nickname.

We explore how Firstmedia has adapted and operate with a global and remote workforce and how that supports culture and connection in the business. Shane explains how this has supported encouraging improved behaviours and alternative skillsets, and the challenges to working remotely.

We discuss how humans can really connect with one another and some of the barriers to achieving this and how important getting the right balance of support for each colleague is.

How to create safe places to have meaningful conversations with team members and clients, and how to leverage a human's superpower of feeling. We also get into a conversation about how learning needs are changing and how we all keep pace with this.

As always we each reflect on our gratitudes.

Show Resources
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Shane Traill: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanetraill
FirstMedia: https://www.firstmedia.co.uk/

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